Tenant information

We value our tenants and work with you to ensure a successful tenancy

The best way to get in touch?

The best form of contact with our office is via email rentalslaunceston@oneagency.com.au. If you do not have access to email, please contact our office by phone. You can contact your Property Manager by calling our office (03) 6331 0950 during business hours or by emailing them.  As our Property Managers are in and out of the office most of the day we do ask you make an appointment should you need to speak to them in our office.

Paying Rent

It is your responsibility to pay rent on time. Rent is due on or before the due date (the date you have paid rent up to). Should you not be able to pay rent by the due date, it is imperative that you contact your property manager to make payment arrangements, which will be subject to the owner's approval. It is important to remember that the owner of the property has financial commitments to meet and they rely on rent being paid on time. If your rent continues to fall behind, we will advise the owner of their option to end your tenancy and we will act according to their instructions.

Maintenance & Emergencies

While we hope your tenancy will be trouble free, situations may arise that require repairs to be made.

At all times your first contact to organise the repairs must be to our office via our maintenance request form so both you and the property manager have a record of it.

If a genuine emergency occurs out of office hours (Saturday, Sunday, public holidays, or after 5.00pm Monday to Friday) please contact our preferred contractors as listed in your tenancy pack.

The Residential Tenancy Act states an urgent repair as an essential service that ceases to function. e.g. If the water, sewerage, grey water and sullage or electricity supplies, or the heating, cooking stove or hot water service ceases to function or there is damage to the property which makes it unsafe/unsecure or may cause injury.

Plumbing - Mark O'Byrne Plumbing 0408 318 286

Electrical - Appliance Spares 6331 8378

Locksmiths/alarms - Jacksons 6323 0400

Smoke Alarm Faults - Safe As Houses 0418 137 501

Please note – if the issue is not be deemed an emergency, you will be responsible for the account.

Moving out - Termination Notice

You can advise us of your intention to move out of your rental property by providing a Termination Notice - stating a date at least fourteen (14) days from date of the written notice. This is provided the change date/lease expiry has passed without extension.

If you wish to vacate the property prior to the change date/lease expiry, known as early vacation. You can advise us of your intention to move out of your rental property by providing a Termination Notice - written notice required. Under the residential tenancy agreement, rent is payable from the date of early vacation until the date on which another residential tenancy agreement for the property is entered into or the change date/lease expiry, whichever is first and any other loss arising from the early vacation.


A duplicate key to all properties is retained by One Agency Launceston for emergency access. Under special circumstances, and on producing identification, the keys can be borrowed, during office hours, but must be returned within twenty four (24) hours. No service by our is staff available out of office hours or on public holidays.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being locked out of your property please see our preferred locksmith contact as listed in your tenancy pack.

Termination Notice Form