Maintenance Request

We value our tenants and work with you to ensure a successful tenancy

After hours repairs please contact

Mark O'Byrne Plumbing
0408 318 286

All On Contracting
0437 425 995

Premier Locksmiths
6344 4496

Maintenance Request?

If an issue arises that requires urgent attention, we recommend first taking advantage of our online maintenance chat service to determine IF it requires an after-hours attention.  If it happens out of hours as a tenant you have the ability to arrange emergency repairs yourself (after business hours).

Fill in the interactive form and your property manager will be in touch soon



The Residential Tenancy Act states an urgent repair as an essential service that ceases to function. e.g. If the water, sewerage, grey water and sullage or electricity supplies, or the heating, cooking stove or hot water service ceases to function or there is damage to the property which makes it unsafe/unsecure or may cause injury.

Please note – if the issue is deemed not to be an emergency, you will be responsible for the account.